Project name:

CIDSOFT - Software Application for Modeling Critical Infrastructure Dependency on Space Systems

Coordinator: Romanian Association for Space Technology and Industry (ROMSPACE)

Partner: Military Equipment and Technologies Research Agency (ACTTM)

Financed under the Romanian Space Technology and Advanced Research Programme

Duration: 2014-2016

The project aims to utilize existing software for critical infrastructure protection modeling and management to create a scalable and adaptable modeling tool for exploring critical dependencies between terrestrial critical infrastructures and space systems. The modeling tool would be used by a particular company or a governmental authority performing sectorial research to understand its dependence on vulnerable space systems, which can also be designated as critical space infrastructures. With this knowledge, it can perform adequate risk and resilience governance, as well as make informed decisions regarding future investment in access to space services or mitigating the most glaring vulnerabilities it possesses.
The project contributed to Romania’s competitiveness in this emerging field and constitutes a useful tool for ESA priorities in space situational awareness and the commercialization of space. It also provided a useful launch point for future development, including as a product or component of a product for critical infrastructure security management. Already, the potential for cooperation with NATO has been identified, since the Alliance’s M&S efforts are extensive and Romania needs to present its motivation and interests in this field. Past interactions with NATO and other military experts have shown that space security and dependency issues are increasingly recognized as vital for the maintenance of the will and the means to fight modern warfare.