The ESA Coordination Officer position in Romania represents a liaison between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Romanian entities in the space sector. The position acts independently as a central focal point to assist and advise ESA on Romanian matters and Romania on ESA opportunities. It is intended to run during the last phase of the Romanian Industry Incentive Scheme, covering the period 2020-2022. The work is monitored by the European Space Agency and the Romanian Space Agency.

The general objectives of the activity are to maximise the ability of Romanian entities to win bids with ESA, to stimulate synergistic and long-term cooperation between the institutions in the public system and the economic operators of Romania and between Romanian entities and international partners, as well as to support institutional and human resources development.

The high level tasks are to advise Romanian entities and therefore to ensure their successful participation in ESA procurements and programmes, to participate in relevant ESA trainings, meetings and information days and to make event information available to target audiences, to represent and promote the capabilities of Romanian entities to ESA and large system integrators and to support ESA and ROSA traineeships for specialists and students.

The ESA Coordination Officer in Romania is Ms. Iulia Jiv─ânescu.