“A major force to be applied in meeting this century’s challenges is represented by the space programs. For most of space faring nations these challenges are referring to: providing clean and affordable energy, preventing environmental degradation, meeting new needs for education, sustaining global economic competitiveness, improving technologies for transportation and medical care, promoting beneficial international relations, and of course ensuring national security.

Civil space activities affect our daily lives and advance the national interest of many nations in a variety of ways. Space systems play integral roles in governments, businesses, and personal communications, positioning, and navigation; in weather monitoring and forecasting; in producing remote-sensing information for agriculture, urban land-use planning, and natural resources management; in commercial enterprises that are becoming increasingly significant factors in global economic competitiveness; and in opening new windows on humanity’s place in the Universe.

Space endeavors stimulate innovation that over the long term leads to advances with applications beyond the space sector. Recognizing the importance of research and technological innovation, wise leaders strengthen science and engineering research to enhance the quality of life, to promote new ideas in the economy, and to provide security. Investments in research in and from space can lead to important future societal benefits.

We are witnessing an unprecedented development of investments in the space field, an annual increase of several percent in turnover in this field, which has already reached 400 billion USD per year, we are witnessing the development of many start-ups some of which turn into profitable businesses and even outline new ingenious and efficient industries.

Being aware of these realities and challenges, ROMSPACE completes the Romanian involvement and investments in the cosmic field and develops important projects that will keep Romania on the ascending orbit of its own and within the European space programs.

Join us and thus you can contribute to progress and well-being through space sciences and their applications.”

Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu, PhD
President of ROMSPACE
Honorary member of the Romanian Academy
First Romanian Cosmonaut

Dumitru Prunariu