Romspace Earth Observation is used to monitor and assess the status and changes in the natural and manmade environment. Space-based technologies that deliver reliable and repeat-coverage datasets, contribute to the rise of multidisciplinary applications in various industries. Powerful examples of data obtained through the Copernicus Programme, European Union's Earth observation programme, will illustrate the possibilities of using space technologies in monitoring agricultural data, disaster management and meteorological events.

The second Romanian Space Café focuses on "The use of satellite data in Romania - products and applications" in domains such as meteorology, agro-meteorology, forests, water management and environmental protection. The presentation and discussion will take place in Romanian.

Our invited speaker is Phd. Anișoara Irimescu. Doctor in Geography since 2009, Meteorologist and Head of the Remote Sensing and Satellite Meteorology Laboratory within the National Meteorological Administration (ANM).

The event will be held online, please Register here, with a duration of approximately one hour and a half. We will first start by a short introduction of InnORBIT, followed by the expert presentation and then we will open the floor for discussions or questions.

The Romanian Space Café initiative aims to create an environment in which to make connections, share information, and have fun in a professional environment at the crossroads of space and business. We are working to support start-ups and scale-ups to grow and participate in the new exciting field of space entrepreneurship so that more people can participate in, benefit from, and understand space.

We encourage you to come to our events, explore your business ideas, get connected with like-minded individuals, and to find tools that might contribute to your progress. Anyone who is interested in the future and potential of space is welcome to join, and we strive to create an inclusive environment.

The InnORBIT project is set on empowering innovation intermediaries with practical and easily replicable solutions to set-up and run sustainable local initiatives.
These initiatives aim to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups and the development and rollout of their space-enabled solutions be it in space or not in ecosystems with great potential for contributing the commercialisation of space.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004212.